Storage bags and cases

  • DeWalt 2.0 Toughsystem Drawer Box
  • DeWalt 2.0 Toughsystem Charger Box
  • Sealey Tool Box
  • Draper Tote Storage Bag
  • Draper Leather Tool Pouch
  • Wera Storage Bag
  • Wera Storage Case Quiver
  • Makita 198589-1 Tool Bag with inlay for CP100DWA Set
  • Makita 141331-9 Empty Carrying Case for DDF482ZB 18V Black Edition Drill Driver
  • Makita 821856-6 Moulded Carrying Case for DDA450 40V XGT Angle Drill
  • Makita 821841-9 Moulded Carrying Case for GA038G 40V XGT Cordless Angle Grinder
  • Makita 821872-8 Moulded Carrying Case for JR002G 40V XGT Recipro Saw
  • Makita 821670-0 Moulded Carrying Case for DJR360ZK Twin 18v Reciprocating saw
  • Makita 821632-8 Moulded Case for HP457 with 74 pcs. of Accessories
  • Sealey Underseat Tool Kit
  • Sealey Assortment Case
  • Wera Empty Tool Pouch
  • Sealey Hi-Viz Green Organiser Tray
  • DeWalt Empty Case For DCF850

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