DeWALT DWHT56032-0 / 1.5kg | 3.5Ib Chopping Axe

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  • Scalloped Cutting Edges
  • Optimal Balance and Power Ratio
  • Carbon Fiber Composite overstrike
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Features and benefits:

  • The axe has our Carbon Fiber Composite overstrike to protect the most vulnerable part of the tool where most long handle tools commonly break.
  • Carbon fiber composite over strike for durability where handles break most
  • Hollow handle for a light and balanced swing
  • Scalloped Cutting Edges allow for a deep cut and improved release from material
  • Optimal Balance and Power Ratio provides a quick swing speed



Reymond DeWalt made the life of wood carpenters around the United States and around the World after that a symphony with a buzz. In 1922 Mr. Dewalt, still, a worker at a local mill betters the machinery he has been trusted with and manages to increase it’s potential. Two years later, in the state of Pennsylvania, DeWalt is a brand of its own, The Wonder Worker, multifunctional woodworking, and carving apparatus were being mass-produced and making a revolution. By the mid of the last century, DeWalt has expanded its operation in Canada, claiming the title of one of the largest enterprises on the North American continent. At the end of the nineties, DeWalt has introduced its first line of portable power appliances. As the company entered the new Millennia it already had a portfolio of “tough” instruments for almost any manufacturing industry.
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