MAKITA B-36192 48 Piece HSS-G Screw And Socked Bit Set

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  • Manufactured to high DiN 338 standards

Features and benefits:

  • Drill Bits manufactured to high DiN 338 standards
  • Also contains 39 Screwdrivers and Socket bits for numerous fixing tasks
  • A magnetic 60mm 1/4″ Locking Bit holder is included for use in power tools allowing for quicker bit changes

2xPH1, 2xPH2, 1xPH3 Screwdriver Bits
2xPZ1, 2xPZ2, 1xPZ3 Screwdriver Bits
1xT10, 2xT15, 2xT20, 2xT25, 2xT30, 1xT40 Screwdriver Bits
1xSL4.5, 2xSL5.5, 2xSL6.5 Screwdriver Bits
1xH2, 1xH2.5, 1xH3, 1xH4, 2xH5, 2xH6 Screwdriver Bits
4mm Nut Driver
5mm Nut Driver
6mm Nut Driver
8mm Nut Driver
10mm Nut Driver
1.5mm HSS-G Drill Bit
2mm HSS-G Drill Bit
2.5mm HSS-G Drill Bit
3mm HSS-G Drill Bit
3.5mm HSS-G Drill Bit
4mm HSS-G Drill Bit
4.5mm HSS-G Drill Bit
5mm HSS-G Drill Bit
6mm HSS-G Drill Bit
Quick Release Bit Holder

Product Type

Drill Bits





Although a century-old, Makita in terms of power tool manufacturer is relatively younger than its competition on the market. Old is gold, but the new is always better, and Makita is proudly making a name for over 60 years. Founded a year after the outbreak of the First World War, Makita Corporation specialized in the mass production and maintenance of electric motors. Offering a versatile specter of appliances, the tools are equally preferred by DIY enthusiasts and professionals around the globe. The company evolves constantly, fulfilling the needs of its clients, aiming for more user-friendly design and experience.


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