DeWalt DCB118X2 54V 9.0Ah Twin Battery Pack with Safety Caps and FLEXVOLT Fast Charger

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The Energy Kit you definitely need

Packed with not one, but two of the 54V 9Ah DCB547 Batteries. The first-ever convertible battery system. Designed especially for DeWalt’s FLEXVOLT Range it’s a must-have accessory. But what is a battery without a charger? In short – incomplete. Therefore to get maximum out it, the DCB118 fan-cooled Fast Charger is the perfect addition to this supreme set. Fully compatible with 18V batteries as well, it can recharge a FLEXVOLT 2Ah Battery in half an hour.


Compatible with all 18v XR and 54v FLEXVOLT DeWalt Batteries
An internal fan pulls air across the battery to cool and reduce hot/cold pack delays
This fan assisted cooling results in faster charge times and reduced downtime in the field
Charges a DCB546 6.0Ah FLEXVOLT battery in approximately 60 minutes


Voltage: 240v
Battery Compatibility: 18v XR / 18v/54v FLEXVOLT
Charging Current (DCB546): 8.0 A


World’s first convertible power tool battery pack
Compatible with all 18v XR and 54v XR FLEXVOLT tools*
A 54v Battery that has unprecedented levels of power
It can switch itself to 18v so is compatible with existing 18v system
Run x2 simultaneously for 108v super-powered FLEXVOLT cordless kits
On a traditional XR power tool, the XR FLEXVOLT battery operates at 18v and delivers extended runtime
Includes transport cap for safe transportation of batteries meaning it isn’t a class 9 dangerous product


Voltage: 18v / 54v
Battery Capacity: 18v 9.0Ah / 54v 3.0Ah
Cell Components: 15 x 20mm Cells
Wh Without Transport Cap = 162 Wh Battery for Power Tool
Wh With Transport Cap = 3 x 54 Wh Battery for Transport
Length: 138 mm
Width: 87 mm
Height: 97 mm
Weight: 1.1 Kg


2 x DCB547 9Ah FLEXVOLT 54V Battery
1 x DCB118 Fast Charger
2x Battery Safety Caps



Product Type

Batteries And Chargers

Battery System


Battery Technology

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)



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