DeWalt DCS496P2 18V XR Swivel Head Shears 18GA Kit – 2 x DCB184 Batteries, DCB1104 Charger & Carrying Case

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Dewalt 18V XR Metal Shears – Kit


The DEWALT DCS496N-XJ 18V XR 18GA Swivel Head Off-Set Shears is a cordless tool ideal for cutting irregular materials like corrugated sheet. Its off-set shear head allows for unusual material to be tackled efficiently and with a tighter radius (25.4mm). The shears have a swivel head design that allow the head to turn rather than the user moving their grip or hand. The option for variable speed ensures excellent control whilst cutting, and the integrated LED work light means work areas and material are always kept illuminated. These shears are the perfect tool for achieving precision cuts over tricky uneven surfaces, as well as tight radius cuts in flashing, HVAC ducting, and sheet material.


DCS496N Features:

  • Compact and light scissors for cutting sheet metal
  • Offset jaws for cutting profiled sheet metal
  • D-handle overmolded with rubber for comfortable use in all directions
  • LED light for a better overview of the cutting edge
  • Variable speed trigger for better control

DCB184 Features:

  • 5.0Ah XR Li-Ion battery packs will deliver 66% more runtime than a standard 4.0Ah battery pack
  • Lightweight design provides the user with upgraded 5Ah Power without increasing the size or weight over the 18V 4.0Ah battery pack
  • Inbuilt Protection against overheat, overload and deep discharge, increases battery life
  • No memory effect and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity & less downtime
  • Compatible with all DEWALT XR Li-Ion 18V Tools

DCB1104 Features:

  • The DCB1104-GB charger is compatible with both DeWalt 12V and 18V batteries, offering versatility.
  • Its improved State of Charge (SOC) indication provides accurate information on battery charging status.
  • Plan your work effectively with clear indications of 80% and 100% battery charge levels.
  • The compact design of the DCB1104-GB charger ensures it won’t take up much space in your toolbox.
  • Carry and store this charger easily, thanks to its compact and portable design.
  • Keep your DeWalt cordless power tools fully charged and ready for action with the DCB1104-GB charger.


  • 1 x DCS496N 18V XR Cordless Metal Shears
  • 2 x DCB184 Batteries
  • 1 x DCB1104 Charger (DCB115)
  • 1 x Moulded Carrying Case




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